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"Somatic Embryogenesis: Fundamental Aspects and Applications"

Loyola-Vargas, VĂ­ctor M, Ochoa-Alejo, NeftalĂ­ (Eds.)

1st ed. 2016, VII, 506 p. 61 illus., 50 illus. in color. Hardcover
Price: $249.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $25.00 elsewhere).

This book discusses basic and applied aspects of somatic embryogenesis, one of the most powerful tools in plant biotechnology. It is divided into three parts; Part I includes topics such as the history of this research field, how differentiated plant cells can (re)acquire totipotency, molecular features, as well as the epigenetics and proteomics of somatic embryogenesis. Part II covers the somatic embryogenesis of different crops, such as Agave spp. maize, Cocos nucifera, Bixa orellana, Capsicum spp., Coffea spp., Musa spp., Pinus spp., and Arabidopsis thaliana. Various applications, like scale-up propagation and genetic engineering are discussed in detail in Part III. The book will appeal to plant scientists, plant breeders and experts working in industry.

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