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"Somatic Embryogenesis in Ornamentals and Its Applications"

A. Mujib (Ed.)

1st ed., 2016, VIII, 267 p. 54 illus., 9 illus. in color, Hardcover
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This book compiles the latest advances in embryogenesis research on ornamentals and discusses the importance of embryogenic cultures/tissues in raising transgenic crops. The technique of cryopreservation in the protection of ornamental genetic resources is discussed using embryogenic culture/ embryo as the tissue of choice, and the respective roles of the genotype, plant growth regulator, environment and other regulating factors in embryogenesis are discussed. The book also focuses on comparative biochemical and physiological differences during the acquisition and development of embryos. The importance of plant proteome and functional genomics as a source of markers is highlighted, and special attention is paid to genes / gene homologues (SERC) in characterizing embryogenesis. Lastly, the book examines the involvement of auxin polar transport and other molecular networks regulating gene expression.

* Presents accumulated knowledge/ information of research on ornamental plants and the role of somatic embryogenesis in the development of ornamental plants
* Highlights the importance of embryonic cell/tissues in genetic transformation studies especially in ornamental plants
* Describes cryopreservation technique in the protection of genetic resources of ornamental plants
* Discusses the role of proteome, functional genomic in embryogenesis
* Highlights the role of gene and gene homologue in in vitro embryogenesi

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