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"Media and Techniques for Growth, Regeneration and Storage 2002-2005"

Volume 9 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

"Media and Techniques for Growth, Regeneration and Storage 2002-2005" is the ninth in a series, based on articles published in Agricell Report, that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture. Unlike most plant tissue culture books, which have a long publication delay, the Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture series is updated within one month of the book’s publication date.

In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered  in  the  book,  a  directory  consisting  of  full  addresses  of  cited  authors  is included. The directory includes e-mail addresses when available. The book also includes a list of recent meetings and symposia and a taxonomic index.

Partial Contents: CHAPTER 1. PLANT TISSUE CULTURE MEDIUM - Designing media. Sterilization. Solidifying agents and explant supports: gum katira, Hymenaea courbarul xyloglucan, cassava flour, guar gum, isubgol, luffa sponge. Root-stimulating substances in gelling agents. Construction of an inexpensive gel rigidity tester. Effects of trace amounts of ethanol in media. CHAPTER 2. NEW TECHNIQUES AND SYSTEMS - Estimating light intensity distribution inside a culture vessel. Cell culture techniques - Preparation of single cells from aggregated suspension culture.Techniques for measuring cell viability: image analysis, TTC reduction. Techniques for measuring cell number, growth, and development: lab-built respirometer, in situ monitoring of particle size, estimation of cell number. Use of flow cytometry: sorting for embryogenic cells, determination of ploidy. Protoplast culture. Detection of lipase activity in protoplasts. Protoplast fusion: microelectrofusion, markers for somatic hybridization, identification of parental chromosomes. Separation of infected and uninfected protoplasts from root nodules. Proliferation of cells at low densities. Culture of isolated microspores. Bioreactor systems for plant cell culture. System for safe handling of radiolabelled cultures. Organ culture techniques - Temporary immersion organ culture systems. Root culture. Embryo culture. Ovule culture. Zygote culture. Control of explant browning. Prediction of in vitro plant tissue growth. Identification of regeneration-competent cells or tissues. Method for separating somatic embryos from suspension cultures. Somaclonal variation. Manipulation of morphogenetic pathways. Control of sex expression in regenerated shoots. Chromosome doubling. CHAPTER 3. ENHANCEMENT OF REGENERATION AND GROWTH - Effect of type of filter paper. Chemical factors: sugars, PEG, abscisic acid, phytosulfokine, oligosaccharides. chitosan, alginate, triacontanol, pH, organi fertilizer extracts, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, salicylic acid, ASA, boron, antioxidants, salt, silver nitrate, copper sulfate, sodium sulfate, adenine sulfate, rare earth elements, hemoglobin, glutamine, proline, polyamine ratios, putrescine, antimicrotubule agents, plant hormones, surfactants, antibiotics, redox pair manipulation, endosperm extracts. Physical factors: light, temperature, ultrasound, atmospheric pressure, heat or drought stress, shaking and filtration, laser radiation, magnetic fields. Biological factors: fungi, bacteria, algae, shoot/hairy-root cultures. Mutagenic agents. Regeneration-associated genes. Role of DNA methylation in somatic embryogenesis. Water submersion treatment. Method for rapid optimization of plant regeneration factors. CHAPTER 4. COLLECTION, PRESERVATION AND SHIPMENT OF PLANT GERMPLASM. In vitro collection. In vitro preservation: cryopreservation, medium-term storage. Synthetic seeds. Shipment of germplasm.

Publication: April, 2005. 139 pp. Spiralbound. Price: $129.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $20.00 elsewhere).

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