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"Regeneration and Micropropagation: Techniques, Media and Applications 1999-2002"

Volume 7 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

""Regeneration and Micropropagation: Techniques, Media and Applications 1999-2002" is the seventh in a series, based on articles published in Agricell Report, that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture. Unlike most plant tissue culture books, which have a long publication delay, the Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture series is updated within one month of the book’s publication date.

In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered  in  the  book,  a  directory  consisting  of  full  addresses  of  cited  authors  is included. The directory includes e-mail addresses when available. The book also includes a list of recent meetings and symposia and a taxonomic index.

Partial Contents: Chapter 1. Media: Defining media components. Solidifying agents and explant supports. Comparison of gelling agents, Low-cost gelling agents. Oxygen level determinations in gelled culture media. Comparisons of various supporting materials including agar, gellan gum, vermiculite sorbarods, florialite, peat, perlite, sand. silt, ash, polyurethane foam, coconut byproducts and cotton. Chapter 2. New Techniques: Tissue culture lighting - LEDs as light sources; Effects of illumination conditions; Control of photooxidation effects. Cell culture techniques - Visualization of cells; Techniques for assessing cell viability; Techniques for determining cell growth and viability; Protoplast isolation; Proliferation of cell at low densities; Establishment of long-term embryogenic suspension cultures; Bioreactor systems; Determining turgor pressure and water status of cultured cells; Protecting cells against low-temperature injury. Organ culture techniques - Culture of egg cells, zygotes, ovules, embryos, roots and juice vesicles. Novel method of establishing in vitro cultures from woody plants. Control of browning. Identification of regeneration-competent cells or tissues. Image processing for measuring growth and differentiation. Somaclonal variation; Manipulation of morphogenetic pathways by exogenous growth regulators; Chromosome doubling. Chapter 3. Enhancement of Regeneration and Growth - (a) by chemical factors: Copper, Carbon dioxide, sugars, oligosaccharides, alcohols, acids, hemoglobin, growth regulators, antibiotics, polyamines, tryptophan, myo-inositol, nonionic surfactants, peptone, malt, viagra; (b) by physical factors:  Osmotic pretreatment and inoculum age, light, electroporation; (c) by biological factors; (d) by mutagenic agents; (e) by regeneration-associated genes. Chapter 4. Micropropagation - Photoautotrophic micropropagation; Liquid culture micropropagation; Temporary-immersion micropropagation; Automation of micropropagation systems. Molecular tissue culture processing; Microponic culture; Natural lighting micropropagation systems; Meristematic agglomerates: a rapid micropropagation system; Converting somatic embryos to plantlets; In vitro rooting; Ventilation systems; Use of rol genes; In vitro flowering; Regeneration from long-term cultures; Method for controlling exogenous ethylene; Determining microshoot ploidy; A low-cost substitute for plant hormones; Quantification of micropropagation; Acclimatization of micropropagules; Control of hyperhydricity; Hyperhydricity as a tool for micropropagation; The use of mycorrhizal fungi; Regeneration and micropropagation of specific plants; Field tests of micropropagated plants. Chapter 5. Collection, Storage and Shipment of Plant Germplasm - Collection of plants for in vitro culture; Crypreservation, Medium-term storage; Synthetic seeds; Shipment of in vitro-cultured plants. Chapter 6. Plant Tissue Culture Hazards - Abnormal growth in clear plastic culture vessels; Dangers of micropropagating virus-infected plants. Chapter 7. Other Applications of in Vitro Plant Cultures - Indicator of ozone atmospheric depletion; Phytoremediation; Rapid system for determining graft incompatibility; Green fluorescent flowers; Virus elimination.

Publication: April, 2002. 150 pp. Spiralbound. Price: $129.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $20.00 elsewhere).

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