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"Regeneration and Micropropagation: Techniques, Systems and Media 1997-1999"

Volume 6 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

"Regeneration and Micropropagation: Techniques, Systems and Media 1997-2000" is the sixth in a series, based on articles published in Agricell Report, that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture.

In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered in the book, a directory consisting of full addresses of cited authors is included. The book also includes a list of recent meeting and symposia and a taxonomic index.

Partial Contents: 1. Media: Improving media - strategies and novel approaches. Solidifying agents and explant supports. What makes a good agar? Comparison of commercial agars. Effects of solidifying agents on regeneration & growth and on water availability. Inexpensive gelling agents. Predicting breakdown of sugars during autoclaving. Perlite as a tissue culture support. 2. New Techniques: Controlling in vitro gas exchange - Use of perfluorocarbons. Cell culture techniques - Proliferation of cells at low densities, Protoplast isolation and growth techniques. Manipulation of cells using laser tweezers and scissors. Measuring oxygen consumption in cell cultures. Organ culture techniques - Ovary, root, whole plant, whole flower, seed culture. Chromosome-doubling techniques. Control of explant browning. Controlling developmental pathways. Identification of embryogenesis-competent cells. 3. New Systems: Computer-aided tracking systems. Liquid-membrane systems. Novel bioreactor systems. 4. Enhancement of Regeneration & Growth: Chemical factors - Rare earth elements. Nickel. Zinc. Ammonium nitrate. CO2. Growth regulators. Herbicides. Sodium humate. Cholesterol. Carbohydrates. Surfactants. Osmotic agents. Enzyme inhibitors. cAMP. Acids. Filter paper extracts. Plant smoke extracts. Hemoglobin. Physical factors - Ferrofluids. Electric fields. Cold. Freezing. Osmotic stress. Physical injury. Light. Gamma irradiation. Hypergravity. Genetic control of regeneration. 5. Micropropagation: Facilities - Solar-illuminated biofactories. Systems - Photoautotrophic vs. photomixotrophic micropropagation. Temporary immersion systems. Automated systems. Techniques - Etiolation and defoliation. Rejuvenation. Ventilation. Homogenization. Lighting. Grafting. BA-coated projectiles. Controlling somaclonal variation. Controlling hyperhydricity and acclimatization problems. Use of mycorrhizal fungi. 6. Collection, storage and shipment of plant germplasm: Non-sterile field collection. In vitro preservation. Synthetic seeds. Shipment of in vitro-cultured plantlets. 7. Plant tissue culture hazards: Embryogenesis-inhibiting factor. Iodine. Spaceflight. Transmission of tissue proliferation. 8. Applications of plant cell & tissue cultures: Plant conservation. Phytoremediation. Virus elimination. System for studying biocontrol of insect pests. Increased fertility of cereal crops.

Publication: April, 2000. 151 pp. Softbound. Price: $129.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $20.00 elsewhere).

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