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"New Techniques and Systems for Growth, Regeneration and Micropropagation 1995-1997"

Volume 5 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

New Techniques and Systems for Growth, Regeneration and Micropropagation 1995-1997 is the fifth in a series, based on articles published in Agricell Report, that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture.

In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered in the book, a directory consisting of full addresses of cited authors is included. The book also includes a list of recent symposia and a taxonomic index.

Partial Contents: 1. New Techniques: Light-emitting diode light source. Control of developmental pathways. Comparison of gelling agents. Strategies for developing new media. Inexpensive media. In-line cell culture measurements. Non-destructive callus measurements. Organ culture — flower, hairy-root, immature seed and isolated zygote culture techniques. Thin-section culture. Chromosome-doubling techniques. Identification of embryogenesis-competent cells. 2. Systems: Cell tracking. New Bioreactors. New types of liquid culture systems. Non-aerated organ culture. Delivery of oxygen. Control of foaming. Floating culture system. 3. Enhancement of regeneration and growth: Chemical, physical and biological factors. Methods for maintaining and restoring embryogenic capacity. Genetic control of regeneration. 4. Micropropagation: New systems and techniques. Automation. Control of hyperhydricity. New acclimatization techniques. Bioreactor micropropagation. Photoautotrophic micropropagation. Field performance of micropropagated plants. 5. Collection, storage and shipment of germplasm : Collection of plants by in vitro techniques. In vitro storage. Synthetic seeds. Shipping and germplasm exchange. 6. Hazards to plant tissue cultures: Toxicity of leaf thionins, excess inorganic phosphate, ethanol, parafilm, and antimicrobial agents. Spaceflight. 7. Contamination: Sources of contamination. Detection, identification and chracterization of contaminants. Latent contamination. Control of contamination. 8. Novel applications of plant tissue cultures: Collection of plants. Degradation of PCBs. Rapid production of tomatoes for spaceflight. Selective assay for phytohormones.

Publication: May, 1997. 136 pp., softbound. Price: US$ 129.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $20.00 elsewhere).

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