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"Secondary Metabolite Production II:2010-2015"

Volume 20 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

"Secondary Metabolite Production II:2010-2015" is the twentieth in a series that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture. The Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture series is updated within one month of the book's publication date. In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered in the book, a directory consisting of full email and postal addresses is included.


Abrus precatorius (Rosary Pea)

Aloe arborescens (Candelabra Aloe, Torch Aloe)
Effects of Meta-topolins

Andrographis paniculata (King of Bitters)

A New Method for Harvesting Products from In Vitro Plant Cultures

Arnebia euchroma
I. Liquid Perfluorodecalin Enhances Naphthoquinone Yield in Cell Cultures
II. Additional Recent References

Aronia melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry)
Production of Phenolic Acids

Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood)
I.Commercially Important Secondary Metabolites
II. Additional Recent References

Artemisia annua
I. Effect of CPPU on Artemisinin Production
II. Artemisinin Production by Coculture of Artemisia annua with the Mycorrhiza-like Basidiomycete Piriformospora indica
III. Artemisinin and Lactones from UV-irradiated Artemisia annua
IV. Mutation Induction
V. In vitro Culture in a Modified Stirred Tank Bioreactor
VI. Additional Recent References

Artemisia dubia

Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari)
Steroidal Saponins

Astragalus membranaceus
I. Anticancer Saponins from Hairy Root Cultures
II. Additional Recent References

Atractylodes lancea
Effects of Endophytic Fungi

Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
I. Tropane Alkaloids
II. Additional Recent References

Azadirachta indica (Neem)
I. Comparison of Bioreactors for Azadirachtin Production
II. Azadirachtin Production by Hairy-root Cultures
II. Additional Recent References

Bacopa monnierA (Water Hyssop)
I. Bacoside-A — A Memory-Enhancing Drug
II. Transformation Enhances Bacoside, Bacopasaponin, and Bacopaside Yield
III. Comparison of Culture Vessels for Bacoside Production
IV. Additional Recent References

Balanites aegyptiaca (Desert Date)
Antifungal Activity of Callus Extract

Barleria lupulina (Philippine Violet)
Production of Antimicrobials

Beta vulgaris (Beet)
Image Recognition System Determines Secondary Metabolite Yield in Hairy-root Cultures

Bixa orellana

Boswellia serrata
Boswellic Acid - A Rheumatic Disease Drug

Brassica oleracea var. italica (Broccoli )
Production of Human Growth Hormone by Hairy-root Cultures

Bupleurum falcatum, B. chinense
Commercial Production of Saikosaponins

Calophyllum inophyllum (Indian Laurel)
Inophyllum - An Anti-HIV Compound

Calotropis procera (Giant Milkweed)
I. Proteins Derived from In Vitro Plant Culture Reduce Inflammation in Rats
II. Additional Recent References

Camptotheca acuminata
I. Camptothecin
II. Additional Recent References

Capsicum chinense
I. Capsaicin
II. Related and Additional Recent References

Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower)
I. Gas Oil Stimulates Production of Yellow Safflower Pigments
II. Additional Recent References

Catharanthis roseus
I. Catharanthine
II. Vindoline and Vinblastine
III. Other Recent References

Cayratia trifolia

Cichorium intybus (Chickory)
Hydroxycinnamates and Sesquiterpene Lactones

Clitoria ternata (Butterfly Pea)
Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Calli

Corylus avellana (Hazelnut)
I. Low-intensity Ultrasound Stimulates Taxane Production
II. Scale-up of Paclitaxel Production by a Hazelnut Cell Culture
III. Additional Recent References

Crotalaria spectabilis (Showy Rattlebox)

Curcuma longa (Turmeric)
Screening for High Essential Oil Somaclones

Cyclopia genistoides (Honeybush)
I. Mangiferin
II. Related References

Cynara cardunculus (Wild Cardoon)
Cyprosin B - A Cheese Making Enzyme

Deschampsia antarctica (Antarctic Hair Grass)
Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids

Dioscorea zingiberensis
Effects of Endophytic Fungi on Diosgenin Accumulation

Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew)
Shooty Teratoma as a Source of Secondary Metabolites

Echinacea angustifolia (Purple Coneflower)
I. Control of caffeoyl phenylethanoid glycoside Accumulation by Light
II. Additional Recent References

Eclipta alba (False Daisy)
High Levels of Wedelolactone

Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

Ficus deltoidea (Mistletoe Fig)

Forsythia koreana (Korean Forsythia)

Genista tinctoria (Dyer’s Broom)
Highest Production of Isoflavonoids by Plant In Vitro Cultures

Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil’s Claw)
I. Verbascoside
II. Effects of a Novel Aromatic Cytokinin Analogue
III. Additional Recent References

Hyoscyamus niger (Black Henbane )
I. A Hybrid Bioreactor for Tropane Alkaloid Yield
II. Related Recent References

Hypericum hookerianum
Production of Antidepressants

Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort)
I. Hypericin and Pseudohypericin
II. Additional Recent References

Jacaratia mexicana (Wild Papaya)
Effects of Shear Rates on Cysteine Protease Synthesis

Jatropha curcas
High Levels of Alkaloids, Glycosides, Flavonoids, Tannins, and Phlobatannins in Callus

Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)
Oral Hepatitis B Vaccine

Lessertia frutescens (Cancer Bush)
Comparison of Bioactive Compound Levels in Field-grown Versus In Vitro-grown Lessertia frutescens

Linum album (Flax)
I. Light Stimulates Podophyllotoxin Biosynthesis
II. Additional Recent References

Linum usitatissimum (Flax)
Effects of Light Conditions on Metabolite Production and Morphogenesis

Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife)
Anti-fungal Phenols

Maytenus ilicifolia
Quinone-methide Triterpenoids From Cell Cultures

Mentha piperita (Peppermint)
Growth Regulators Enhance Secondary Metabolite Production

Morinda citrifolia (Noni)
I. Effects of Chitosan and Pectin on Accumulation of Anthraquinones
II. Anthraquinones, Phenolics, and Flavonoids

Moringa oleifera (Drumstick Tree)
Antileukemia Extract

Musa (Banana)
Meta-topolins Enhance Micropropagation as well as Secondary Metabolite Production

Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco)
I. Anti-diabetes Protein
II. Expression of the 14D9 Catalytic Antibody
III. Vitamin E Production
IV. Propagating Plant Material Expressing Phytotoxic Proteins
V. Scale-up of Recombinant Human Antibody Yield
VI. Additional Recent References

Panax ginseng (Chinese Ginseng)
I. Light Quality Controls Relative Metabolite Yield
II. Ginsenoside Biosynthesis
III. Bioreactors for Large Scale Culture of Panax ginseng
IV. Additional Recent References

Panax quinquefolium (American Ginseng)
I. Antibacterial Ginsenosides
II. Related Recent References

Pancratium maritimum (Sea Daffodil )
Temporary Immersion Frequency Affects Alkaloid Synthesis in Sea Daffodil

Papaver somniferum (Opium Poppy)

Perovskia abrotanoides (Russian Sage)
I. Effect of Some Elicitors on Tanshinone Production by Root Cultures
II. Additional Recent References

Pfaffia glomerata (Brazilian Ginseng)
b-Ecdysone production

Platycodon grandiflorum (Chinese Bellflower )
Saponin Production by Hairy Roots

Prosopis laevigata (Mesquite Tree)
Mesquite Gum

Protea cynaroides (King Protea)
Effects of Light Conditions on Phenolic Compound Yield

Psoralea corylifolia
I. Production of Antifungal Compound by Hairy Roots
II. Comparison of Elicitors for Production of Psoralen
III. Additional Recent References

Pueraria candollei

Pueraria thomsonii
I. Ozone-induced Puerarin Accumulation
II. Other Recent References

Pueraria tuberosa (Kudzu)
I. Production of Puerarin by suspension cultures
II. Enhancement of puererin Yield by an Angiospermic Plant Parasite

Rhodiola sachalinensis
I. Salidroside and Bioactive Polysaccharides
II. Related Recent References

Rubia cordifolia - Indian Madder
Engineering Anthraquinone Production

Rubia tinctorum (Madder)
Use of Inexpensive Immobilization Materials on Alizarin and Purpurin Production

Ruta graveolens
Control of Phenolic Acid and Furanocoumarin Accumulation by Light

Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen)
I. Increased Tanshinone Production by Hairy Roots
II. Other Recent References

Schisandra chinensis (Chinese Magnolia Vine)
Deoxyschizandrin and Phenolic Acids

Scopolia parviflora
Tropane Alkaloids

Scutellaria lateriflora
I. Production of Novel Bioactive Compounds by Hairy-root Cultures
II. Effect of Light on Regulation of Flavone Synthesis

Sonchus oleraceus (Sow Thistle)
Abiotic Stresses Increase Yield of Antioxidants

Stemona sp.
Sodium Acetate and Sucrose Enhance Production of Alkaloids

Stephania tetrandra
Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids

Stevia rebaudiana
I. Production of Sweeteners
II. Additional Recent References

Taverniera cuneifolia
Enhanced Accumulation of Glycyrrhizic Acid

Taxus cuspidata
I. Effects of Cell Aggregate Size on Paclitaxel Yield
II. Additional Recent and Related References

Taxus media
I. Taxanes
II. Maintaining Paclitaxel Yield For Extended Time Periods
III. Additional Recent References

Tetrastigma hemsleyanum
Flavonoid Enhancement and Inhibition

Thespesia populnea (Medicinal Tree )

Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi)

Trianthema decandra
Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial

Tridax procumbens
Producer of Antimicrobial Silver Nanoparticles

Tripterygium wilfordii (Thunder God Vine)
Effects of Cell Aggregate Size on Triptolide, Wilforgine, and Wilforine Yield

Tylophora indica (Indian Ipecac)
Antibacterial Activity of In Vitro-Cultured Plants and Calli

Uraria picta

Valeriana glechomifolia
Salicylic Acid and Ultrasound Affect Valepotriates and Total Phenolic Yield

Valeriana officinalis (Valerian)
I. Valtrate and Valerenic Acid
II. Additional Recent References

Vinca minor (Creeping Myrtle)
I. Alkaloids
II. Additional Recent References

I. Anthocyanin
II. Additional Recent References

Vitis amurensis
Effects of 5-Azacytidine on Resveratrol Production

Vitis vinifera (Grapevine)
I. Pulsed Electric Field and Ethephon Stimulate Yield of Anthocyanins and Phenolic Acids
II. Additional Recent References

Withania somnifera - Ashwangandha
I.Withanolide Production
II. Seaweed Enhances Withanolide Yield
III. Additional Recent References

Ziziphora tenuior

Multiple Species
I.Effects of a Novel Aromatic Cytokinin Analogue
II. Antimicrobial Proteins
III. Novel Alkaloids Obtained by Coculturing Cells of Different Plant Species
IV. High Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Mangrove Root Callus

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Secondary Metabolite Index

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