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"Media and Techniques for Growth, Regeneration and Storage 2008-2011"

Volume 15 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture

by Edwin B. Herman, Editor, Agricell Report

"Media and Techniques for Growth, Regeneration and Storage: 2008-2011" is the fifteenth in a series, based on articles published in Agricell Report, that reports recent developments in plant tissue culture. The Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture series is updated within one month of the book's publication date. In order to make it easy for the reader to obtain further information on material covered in the book, a directory consisting of full email and postal addresses is included. The book also includes a plant taxonomic index.


CHAPTER 1. PLANT TISSUE CULTURE MEDIUM AND VESSELS - Designing Media. Formulation Based on Explant Mineral Content. An All-purpose Plant Tissue Culture Medium. Commercial Fertilizer-based Culture Medium. Effects of Culture Vessels, Gelling Agents, and Additives. Ion Confounding-free Approach to Designing Culture Media. Inexpensive Water Sources. Algal Filtrate: An Inexpensive Substitute for Synthetic Hormones. Green Alga-Conditioned Medium Stimulates Plant Cell Growth. Banana Pulp Substitutes for Sugar. Solidifying Agents and Explant Supports: Pulpagar, Isubgol, Cassava Starch, Polyester-Supported Liquid Culture System. Comparison of Supports for Plant Regeneration. Effects of Agar Brand. Medium Replenishment: Use of Slow-Release Tools. Use of Membrane Filtration.

CHAPTER 2. NEW TECHNIQUES AND SYSTEMS - Novel Methods for Rejuvenating Old Tissue Cultures. Zearalenone-A New Plant Growth Regulator. CCFL-A "Revolutionary" Light Source. Using Compressed Air to Expose Apical Meristems. Cell Culture Techniques. New Bioreactor Systems. Protoplast Culture. Androgenesis and Microspore Culture. Chromosome Doubling. Organ Culture Techniques. Enhancing In Vitro Seed Germination. Embryo Culture. In Vitro Flowering. High-Frequency Regeneration from Long-term Cultures. New Lighting Systems. Control of Explant Browning. Manipulation of Morphogenetic Pathways. Early Prediction of Morphogenic Capacity. Somaclonal Variation and In Vitro Selection

CHAPTER 4. COLLECTION, PRESERVATION AND SHIPMENT OF PLANT GERMPLASM - Selecting Ecotypes for Conservation and Restoration. Cryopreservation. Cold Storage Comparison of Cold Storage and Cryopreservation. Alar Improves Storage and Synchronous Germination. Encapsulation, Bulk Method for Alginate Encapsulation of Nodal Segments. Methods for Non-sterile Sowing of Somatic Embryos. Improved Vitroplant Shipping Method

CHAPTER 5. NEW APPLICATIONS AND DISCOVERIES - In Vitro Screening of Elicitors for Application to Whole Plants. A Plant Tissue Culture-based Biohazard Detector. Mechanism of Virus Elimination via Somatic. An Assay for Striga Resistance Mechanisms in Sorghum. Pak-Bung Hairy Roots as an Assay for Light-Induced Cell Damage. Simple Method for Genome Elimination. Model Systems for Studying Plant-Pest Interactions. Noninvasive Estimation of Chlorophyll Content in Tissue Cultures. Activated Charcoal Type Affects Somatic Embryogenesis in Coconut. Induction of Hermaphrodism in Female Date Palm Flowers. Simple Identification of Dead Cells Within Living Plant Tissue. Crown Gall Tumor Assay as a Test for Anti-Cancer Activity in Plants. An In Vitro System for Studying Phytoplasma–Host Plant Interactions. In Vitro Methods for Evaluating Plant Osmotic Stress Tolerance. Regulation of Programmed Cell Deat .In Vitro-Generated Sugarcane Phenolics Protect Against Wilt Disease. In Vitro-Induced Polyploidy Enhances Drought and Salt Tolerance

Publication: May, 2011. 139 pages. Spiralbound. Price: $139.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $20.00 elsewhere).

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