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"Plant Transposable Elements"

Impact on Genome Structure and Function

Grandbastien, Marie-Angele; Casacuberta, Josep M. (Eds.)

Hardcover, 2012, XII, 330 p. 44 illus., 28 in color.
Price: $329.00 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $25.00 elsewhere).


1 So Many Repeats and So Little Time: How to Classify Transposable Elements
2 Transposable Element Annotation in Completely Sequenced Eukaryote Genomes
3 Using Nextgen Sequencing to Investigate Genome Size Variation and Transposable Element Content
4 Genome-Wide Analysis of Transposition Using Next Generation Sequencing Technologies
5 Hitching a Ride: Nonautonomous Retrotransposons and Parasitism as a Lifestyle
6 Plant Endogenous Retroviruses? A Case of Mysterious ORFs
7 MITEs, Miniature Elements with a Major Role in Plant Genome Evolution
8 Glue for Jumping Elements: Epigenetic Means for Controlling Transposable Elements in Plants
9 Responses of Transposable Elements to Polyploidy
10 Noise or Symphony: Comparative Evolutionary Analysis of Sugarcane Transposable Elements with Other Grasses
11 Helitron Proliferation and Gene-Fragment Capture
12 Transposable Element Exaptation in Plant
13 SINE Exaptation as Cellular Regulators Occurred Numerous Times During Eukaryote Evolution
14 LTR Retrotransposons as Controlling Elements of Genome Response to Stress?
15 Rider Transposon Insertion and Phenotypic Change in Tomato
16 Retrotransposons and the Eternal Leaves

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