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"Plant Transformation Technologies"

Hardcover, 280 pages, 2011
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SECTION 1 Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation.

Chapter 1 Host Factors Involved in Genetic Transformation of Plant Cells by Agrobacterium

Chapter 2 Genomics of Agrobacterium–Plant Interaction: An Approach to Refine the Plant Transformation Technology

SECTION 2 Other Transformation Technologies.

Chapter 3 Particle Bombardment: An Established Weapon in the Arsenal of Plant Biotechnologists

Chapter 4 A Novel Gene Delivery System in Plants with Calcium Alginate Micro-Beads

Chapter 5 Pollen Transformation Technologies

Chapter 6 Intragenic Vectors and Marker-Free Transformation: Tools for a Greener Biotechnology

Chapter 7 Visualizing Transgene Expression

SECTION 3 Vectors, Promoters, and Other Tools for Plant Transformation.

Chapter 8 Current State and Perspective of Binary Vectors and Superbinary Vectors

Chapter 9 Novel Dual Binary Vectors (pCLEAN) for Plant Transformation

Chapter 10 pORE Modular Vectors for Plant Transformation

Chapter 11 pANIC: A Versatile Set of Gateway-Compatible Vectors for Gene Overexpression and RNAi-Mediated Down-Regulation in Monocots

SECTION 4 Transgene Integration, Stability, Methylation, Silencing.

Chapter 12 Understanding and Avoiding Transgene Silencing

Chapter 13 Site-Specific Recombination for Precise and “Clean” Transgene Integration in Plant Genome

SECTION 5 Selection Systems, Marker-Free Transformation.

Chapter 14 Selectable Marker Genes: Types and Interactions

Chapter 15 Transformation Methods for Obtaining Marker-Free Genetically Modified Plants

Chapter 16 Intellectual Property Aspects of Plant Transformation.

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