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"Plant Cell Culture: Essential Methods"

Methods and Protocols

Michael R. Davey and Paul Anthony

Hardcover, 358 pages, May 2010
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The introduction to Plant Cell Culture: Essential Methods provides a general background to plant cell culture, including basic principles, technologies and laboratory practices that underpin the more detailed techniques described in subsequent chapters. Whilst each chapter provides a background to the topic area and methodology, a crucial aspect is the provision of detailed protocols with emphasis on trouble shooting, describing common problems and detailed advice for their avoidance. Plant Cell Culture: Essential Methods provides the reader with a concise overview of these techniques, including micropropagation, mutagenesis, cryopreservation, genetic and plastid transformation and somatic cell technologies


Preface. Contributors.
1 Plant Micropropagation (Ivan Iliev, Alena Gajdosova, Gabriela Libiakova, Shri Mohan Jain).
2 Thin Cell Layers: The Technique (Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva and Michio Tanaka).
3 Plant Regeneration – Somatic Embryogenesis (Kim E. Nolan, Ray J. Rose).
4 Haploid Plants (Sant S. Bhojwani and Prem K. Dantu).
5 Embryo Rescue (Traud Winkelmann, Antje Doil, Sandra Reinhardt and Aloma Ewald).
6 In vitro Flowering and Seed Set: Acceleration of Generation Cycles (Sergio J. Ochatt and Rajbir S. Sangwan).
7 Induced Mutagenesis in Plants Using Physical and Chemical Agents (Chikelu Mba, Rownak Afza, Souleymane Bado and Shri Mohan Jain).
8 Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm (E.R. Joachim Keller and Angelika Senula).
9 Plant Protoplasts: Isolation, Culture and Plant Regeneration (Michael R. Davey, Paul Anthony, Deval Patel and J. Brian Power).
10 Protoplast Fusion Technology – Somatic Hybridization and Cybridization (Jude W. Grosser, Milica Calovic and Eliezer S. Louzada).
11 Genetic Transformation – Agrobacterium (Ian S. Curtis).
12 Genetic Transformation – Biolistics (Fredy Altpeter and Sukhpreet Sandhu).
13 Plastid Transformation (Bridget V. Hogg, Cilia L.C. Lelivelt, Aisling Dunne, Kim-Hong Nguyen and Jacqueline M. Nugent).
14 Molecular Characterization of Genetically Manipulated Plants (Cristiano Lacorte, Giovanni Vianna, Francisco J.L. Aragao and El´ibio L. Rech).
15 Bioreactors (Spiridon Kintzios).
16 Secondary Products (Kexuan Tang, Lei Zhang, Junfeng Chen, Ying Xiao, Wansheng Chen and Xiaofen Sun).
17 Plant Cell Culture – Present and Future (Jim M. Dunwell).

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