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"Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture"

3rd Edition, Volume 1

edited by George, Edwin F.; Hall, Michael A.; De Klerk, Geert-Jan

Springer, 2008, 508 pages. $399.00 + shipping ($8.00, U.S. or $25.00 Elsewhere)

Edwin George’s books have become the standard works on in vitro plant propagation. This work will surely maintain that pre-eminence.

For this, the third edition of his classic, extra specialists have been brought on board to cover the hugely expanded number of topics in the subject area.

The volumes, of course, still contain a wealth of information for researchers and companies working in related areas; particularly plant breeding, genetic engineering, phytopathology, production of secondary metabolites and conservation.

However, scientific knowledge has expanded rapidly since the second edition and it would now be a daunting task for a single author to cover all aspects adequately.

Therefore, in this third edition, topics are being covered by a number of specialists.

Notwithstanding, this edition still maintains the integration that was characteristic of the previous editions.

The first volume of the new edition highlights the scientific background of in vitro propagation, while the second volume covers the practice of micropropagation and describes its various applications.

Biographical Notes on Contributors.-
1.Plant Tissue Culture Procedure - Background; E.F. George.-
2.Micropropagation: Uses and Methods; E.F. George and P.C. Debergh.-
3.The Components Of Plant Tissue Culture Media I : Macro- and Micronutrients; E.F. George and G-J. de Klerk.-
4.The Components Of Plant Tissue Culture Media II : Organic supplements, Organic Acids, Osmotic and pH Effects and Support systems; T. Thorpe, C. Stasolla, E.C. Yeung, G-J. de Klerk, A. Roberts and E.F. George.-
5.Plant Growth Regulators: Introduction I: Auxins, Their Analogues And Inhibitors; I. Machakova, E. Zazimalova and E.F. George.-
6.Plant Growth Regulators II: Cytokinins, Their Analogues And Antagonists; J. van Staden, E. Zazimalova and E.F. George.-
7.Plant Growth Regulators III: Gibberellins, Ethylene, Abscisic Acid, Their Analogues And Inhibitors; Miscellaneous Compounds; I.E. Moshkov, G.V. Novikova, M.A. Hall and E.F. George.-
8.Developmental Biology; D. Chriqui.-
9.Somatic Embryogenesis; S. Von Arnold.-
10.Adventitious Regeneration; P.B. Gahan and E.F. George.-
11.Stock Plant Physiological Factors Affecting Growth and Morphogenesis; J. Preece.-
12.Effects Of The Physical Environment; E.F. George and W. Davies.-
13.The Anatomy And Morphology Of Tissue Cultured Plants; M. Ziv and J. Chen

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