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"Legumes in the Omic Era"

edited by Gupta, Sanjeev; Nadarajan, Nagasamy; Gupta, Debjyoti Sen

2014, XII, 348 p. 24 illus., 21 illus. in color. Hardcover.
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Ch. 1. Legumes in Omic Era: Retrospects and Prospects Ch. 2. Advances in Functional Genomics in Legumes.- Ch. 3. Advances in Soybean Genomics.- Ch. 4. Advances in Chickpea Genomics.- Ch. 5. Advances in Pigeonpea Genomics.- Ch. 6. Advances in Lentil Genomics.- Ch. 7. Advances in Cowpea Improvement and Genomics.- Ch. 8. Advances in Greengram and Blackgram Genomics.- Ch. 9. Common Bean Genomics and its Applications in Breeding Programs.- Ch. 10. Pulses biofortification in genomic era: multidisciplinary opportunities and challenges.- Ch. 11. Towards Enriching Genomic Resources in Legumes.- Ch. 12. Bioinformatics for Legume Genomics Research.- Ch. 13. Genetics and genomics of resistance to rust and stemphylium blight in lentil.- Ch. 14. Genomics in studying the legume genome evolution.- Ch. 15. Advances in Pea Genomics

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