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"Date Palm Biotechnology"

edited by Jain, Shri Mohan; Al-Khayri, Jameel M.; Johnson, Dennis V.

Hardcover, 2009
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Contents: Preface.- Introduction.- Section A: Micropropagation.- 1. Potential of date palm micropropagation for improving small farming systems.- 2. Date palm tissue culture: a pathway to rural development.- 3. Date palm micropropagation via somatic embryogenesis.- 4. Date palm micropropagation via organogenesis.- 5. Micropropagation of date palm using inflorescence explants.- 6. Bioreactors and automation in date palm micropropagation.- 7. Commercial date palm tissue culture procedures and facility establishment.- Section B: Somaclonal Variation, Mutation and Selection.- 8. Somaclonal variation in date palm.- 9. Growth abnormalities associated with micropropagation of date palm.- 10. Molecular detection of somaclonal variation in date palms.- 11. In vitro¬ selection for abiotic stress in date palm.- 12. Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis toxins utilization in selecting Bayoud-resistant date palm.- 13. Radiation induced mutations for date palm improvement.- 14. Magnetic field induced biochemical and growth changes in date palm seedlings.- Section C: Germplasm Biodiversity and Conservation.- 15. Date palm germplasm.- 16. In vitro conservation of date palm germplasm.- 17. Molecular markers in date palm.- 18. Biodiversity in date palm: molecular markers as indicators.- 19. Polymorphism and genetic relationship in date palm using molecular markers.- 20. Date palm genome project at the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.- 21. Potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal technology in date palm production.- Section D: Genetics and Genetic Improvement.- 22. Date palm genetics and breeding.- 23. Development of new Moroccan selected date palm varieties resistant to Bayoud.- 24. Molecular markers for Bayoud disease resistance in date palm.- 25. Towards sex determination of date palm.- 26. Interspecific hybridization and embryo rescue in date palm.- 27. In vitro flowering of date palm.- 28. Date palm cell and protoplast culture.- 29. Transgenic date palm.- Section E: Metabolites and Industrial Biotechnology.- 30. Secondary metabolites of date palm.- 31. Industrial biotechnology: date palm fruit applications.- 32. Date palm as a source of bioethanol producing microorganisms.- Index.

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