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"Cereal Genomics II"

Principles, Practice, and Perspectives

edited by Gupta, Pushpendra K. and Varshney, Rajeev

Hardcover, 2013
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Preface.- 1. Cereal Genomics: Excitements, Challenges and Opportunities: Pushpendra K. Gupta, and Rajeev K. Varshney.- 2. Array-Based High-Throughput Dna Markers And Genotyping Platforms For Cereal Genetics And Genomics: Pushpendra K. Gupta, Sachin Rustgi, Reyazul R. Mir.- 3. Sequence based DNA markers and genotyping for cereal genomics and breeding: David Edwards, Pushpendra K. Gupta.- 4. Application of next-generation sequencing technologies for genetic diversity analysis in cereals: Seifollah Kiani, Alina Akhunova, Eduard Akhunov.- 5. Genome sequencing and comparative genomics in cereals: Xi-Yin Wang, Andrew H. Paterson.- 6. Transposons in cereals: shaping genomes and driving their evolution: Jan P. Buchmann, Beat Keller, Thomas Wicker.- 7. Functional Annotation of Plant Genomes: Vindhya Amarasinghe et al.- 8. Different Omics Approaches In Cereals And Their Possible Implications For Developing A System Biology Approach To Study The Mechanism Of Abiotic Stress Tolerance: Palakolanu Sudhakar Reddy, Nese Sreenivasulu.- 9. Functional Genomics of Seed Development in Cereals: Ming Li et al.- 10. Genomics of cereal-based functional foods: Nidhi Rawat, Barbara Laddomada, Bikram S. Gill.- 11. QTL Mapping: Methodology and Applications in Cereal Breeding: Pushpendra K. Gupta, Pawan L. Kulwal, Reyazul R. Mir.- 12. Molecular Genetic Basis of THE Domestication Syndrome in Cereals: Tao Sang, Jiayang Li.- 13. High-throughput and precision phenotyping for cereal breeding programs: Boddupalli M. Prasanna.- 14. Marker-Assisted Selection in Cereals: Platforms, Strategies and Examples: Yunbi Xu et al.- Index.

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