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"Research Publications DVD"

over 50 Research Publications by Ronald A. de Fossard

CD only, $89.00 + shipping ($1.50, U.S. or $4.50 Elsewhere)

In my four earlier CDs on micropropagation, I included references to my published research and the implication was that students and readers interested in the finer details of my work would be able to get this information by looking at these publications. But there lingered a doubt in my mind about whether this was realistic because so many journals and books simply may not be readily available in many parts of the world.

I know that some of these publications were available through GOOGLE and other search engines but, as often as not, these entailed a cost. Indeed, I had lost a reprint of one of my papers and, even though I was author of the paper, I had to pay to get a reprint from the publisher. To overcome this problem for my students and readers, I decided to scan many of my publications and present them on this DVD and to name this:- Ronald de Fossard's Research Publications

These research publications cover a wide range of material often from the beginning of work on a particular species or on the development of techniques and, I would like to think, that they would give encouragement to others in the early stages of their own research.

In my CD "Plant Tissue Culture Propagation, I summarized my research work under the heading “Major Research Work” and I have used this summary as a convenient way of introducing my various publications. These publications are “hidden” so as to permit uninterrupted reading of conclusions. Some of these may be of no immediate interest to individual readers whereas others will contain the intimate details of experiments on sections of more interest. Simply by pointing to a reference, reveals the whole paper.

All in all, this DVD contains about 750 pages of scanned research descriptions covering 55 separate publications in 27 different journals. The complete list, in chronological order, is shown below.

Table of Contents


PERSPECTIVE(1970) A University Perspective John Wiley & Sons Australasia, Sydney: x + 193

ACTA HORT-1 (1977) The Organ Culture of Nodes of Four Species of Eucalyptus (with P.K.Barker,R.A.Bourne) Acta Hort. 78: 157- 165

ACTA HORT 166 (1985) Tissue Culture Propagation: State of the Art Acta Hort. 166: 83 - 92

ACTA HORT-2 (1977) Some Factors Affecting Multiple Bud Formation of Strawberry (x Fragaria ananassa Duchesne) in vitro (with E.C.M.Lee) Acta Hort. 78: 187 - 195

ACTA HORT 225 (1988) Coping with Microbial Contaminants and Other Matters in a Small Commercial Micropropagation Laboratory (with Heather de Fossard) Acta Hort. 225: 167 - 176

ACTA HORT 227 (1988) Micropropagation of Some Members of the Myrtaceae (with Heather de Fossard) Acta Hort. 227: 346 - 351

ACTA HORT-3 (1977) The Initiation, Rooting and Establishment of Cortical Buds in Cauliflower (with D.S.Trimboli, N.Prakash) Acta Hort. 78: 243 - 248

ACTA HORT-4 (1977) Propagation of Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii Ait.) by Organ Culture (with R.J.Haines) Acta Hort. 78: 297 - 302

ACTA HORT-5 (1977) Tissue Culture in Horticulture - A Perspective. Acta Hort. 78: 455 - 459

ACTA HORT-6 (1977) Reducing Tissue Culture Costs for Commercial Propagation (with R.A.Bourne) Acta Hort. 78: 37 - 44

AIMS (1970) The University and Its Aims In: A University Perspective (Editor: R.A.de Fossard) John Wiley & Sons Australasia, Sydney: 1 - 19

AUST FOR-1 (1974) Tissue Culture of Eucalyptus Aust.Forestry 37: 43 - 54

AUST FOR-2 (1974) Organ Culture of Eucalyptus grandis (with R.J.Cresswell) Aust.Forestry 37: 55 - 69

AUST SOC HORT SCI (1992) From Academic to Commercial Micropropagation In: High Quality Horticulture Practices and Products Australian Society of Horticultural Science Inc 29 August 1992, Brisbane pp. 9- 12

BIO in AGRI (1987) Establishment of Laboratory Regenerants under Field Conditions In: Biotechnology in Agriculture (Editors: S.Natesh,V.L. S.Ramachandran) Oxford & IBH Publishing Co.Pvt.Ltd.,Calcutta, India :193 - 201

CHINA-1 (1978) Tissue Culture Propagation of Eucalyptus ficifolia F.Muell In: Proceedings of Symposium on Plant Tissue Culture Science Press, Peking: 425 - 438

CHINA-2 (1978) Nuclear Stocks, Multiplication Rates and Economic Considerations of Tissue Culture Propagation of Horticultural Species In: Proceedings of Symposium on Plant Tissue Culture Science Press, Peking: 439 - 447

CITRUS (1956) Brown Stem of Oranges Investigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Jamaica, Bulletin No.56, pp.160

ENDOTHECIUM (1969) Development and Histochemistry of the Endothecium in the Anthers of in vitro grown Chenopodium rubrum L. Bot.Gaz. 130: 10 - 22

FLOWERS-1/AUST J SCI 1967 Flower Initiation in Axenic Cultures of Stem Tips of Chenopodium rubrum L. Aust.J.Sci. 29: 427 - 428

FLOWERS-2 (1967) The Aseptic Culture in vitro of Shoot Apices of Chenopodium rubrum L. Laboratory Practice 16: 1232 – 1235, 1360 - 1366

FLOWERS-3 (1972) The Effect of Defoliation, and Hypocotyl and Root Removal, on the Development and Flowering of Chenopodium rubrum L. Bot.Gaz. 133: 341 - 350

FLOWERS-4 (1973) Irreversible Flower Initiation of Chenopodium rubrum Seedlings and Excised Stem Tips Bot.Gaz. 134: 11 - 16

FLOWERS-5 (1973) The Effects of CCC, Ethrel, Abscisic Acid, Abscisic Aldehyde and Abscisic Hydrocarbon on the Development and Flowering of Chenopodium rubrum L. Bot.Gaz. 134: 103 - 117

FLOWERS-6 (1974) Flower Initiation in Tissue and Organ Culture In: Tissue Culture and Plant Science 1974 (Editor:H.E.Street) Academic Press, London: 193 - 212

HAPLOID SUMMATION (1974) Summation: Methods for Producing Haploids In:Haploids in Higher Plants (Editor:K.J.Kasha) The University of Guelph, Ontario,Canada: 145 - 150

HAPLOID TERMINOLGY (1974) Terminology in Haploid Work In:Haploids in Higher Plants (Editor: K.J.Kasha) The University of Guelph, Ontario,Canada: 403 – 410

IPPS-25 (1975) Regeneration of Strawberry Plants from Tissue Cultures (with E.C.M.Lee) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc.25: 277 - 285

IPPS-26-1 (1976) Vegetative Propagation of Eucalyptus ficifolia F.Muel by Nodal Culture in vitro (with R.A.Bourne) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 26: 373 - 378

IPPS-27-1 (1977) A World Tour of Commercial Nurseries using Tissue Culture Propagation. Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 27: 542-546

IPPS-27-2 (1977) Progress Toward Clonal Propagation of Eucalyptus Species by Tissue Culture Techniques (with P.K.Barker,R.A.Bourne) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 27: 546 - 556

IPPS-28-1 (1978) Tissue Culture Propagation of Eucalyptus ficifolia F.Muell (with .T.Bennett,J.R.Gorst, R.A.Bourne) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 28: 427 - 435

IPPS-28-2 (1978) Tissue Culture Propagation of Two Grevillea Hybrids (with .R.Gorst, R.A.Bourne, S.E.Hardaker, A.E.Richards,S.D.Dircks) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 28: 435 - 446

IPPS-31-1 (1981) The Influence of Auxins and Minerals on Root Morphogenesis of Eucalyptus ficifolia F.Muell in vitro (with J.R.Gorst,M.Slaytor) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 31: 286 - 295

IPPS-31-2 (1982) The Influence of Plant Hormones and Growth Factors on Growth of Eriostemon australasius Pers. in Tissue Culture (with J.A.Plummer) Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc. 31: 295 - 303

IPPS-42 (1992) Treatment of Plants with Hypochlorite Solutions Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc.42: 65-67

IPPS-43-1 (1993) Cost of Production in Commercial Micropropagation and Research Strategies Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc.43: 131-140

IPPS-43-2 (1993) Strategies in Commercial Micropropagation Proc.Inter.Plant Prop.Soc.43: 261 - 274

LV SPRAYING (1961) Spraying Tomatoes in the Lowveld Farming in South Africa 37:69 - 71

LYON ARBORETUM 10 (1980) Tissue Culture Propagation Harold L.Lyon Arboretum Lecture No.10, University of Hawaii; pp.40

NEW PHYTOL (1974) Responses of Callus from Zygotal and Microsporal tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) to various combinations of Indole Acetic Acid and Kinetin New Phytol. 73: 699 – 706

NEW PHYTOL-2 (1974) The Effects of Various Auxins and Cytokinins on the in vitro Culture of Stem and Lignotuber Tissues of Euclyptus bancroftii Maiden (with E.C.M.Lee) New Phytol. 73: 707 - 717

NAVEL ORANGE (1967) Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization on Quality, Respiration and Storage Life of Washington Navel Oranges (with F.H.Lenz) Qual.Plant.Mater.Veg. 14: 289 - 304

NEW BOTANIST (1976) Sporogenesis and Gametogenesis in 2n and n Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum Linn.) New Botanist 3: 24 - 32

NZ J FOR SCI (1974) Tissue and Organ Culture of Eucalyptus (with C.Nitsch,R.J.Cresswell, E.C.M.Lee) N.Z.Jour.For.Sci. 4: 267 - 278

ORANGE CUTTINGS (1966) Controlled Experiments reduce StudyTime (with Fritz Lenz) Citrus World 2(9):20-21

PHYSIOL PLANT (1974) A Broad Spectrum Tissue Culture Experiment with Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) Pith Tissue Callus (with A.Myint, E.C.M.Lee) Physiol.Plant. 31: 125 - 130

PHYTOTRONS (1972) Phytotron Units for Plants Growing in Specimen Tubes In: Phytotronique et Prospective Horticole (Editors: P.C.Gauthier-Villars Editeur, Paris: 205 - 216

PLANT TC&B (1996) Where Now the Broad Spectrum Experiment? Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology 3: 122 -125

PTC EDGE NEW M (1999) To Mark an End and a Beginning In: Plant Tissue Culture at the Edge of the New Millenium (Editors: K.A.Johnson,I.J.McFarlane) University of Technology, Sydney:1 - 11

RED BLOTCH (1962) Red Blotch of Lemons Farming in South Africa 39: 6,7,9-11

RIBOFLAVIN-1 (1979) Riboflavin and Root Morphogenesis (with J.R.Gorst) In: Plant Cell Cultures: Results and Perspectives (Editors:F.Sala, B.Paris, R.Cella, O.Ciferri) Elsevier/North Holland Biomedical Press: 271 - 275

RIBOFLAVIN-2 (1983) The Effect of Indole-3-Butyric Acid and Riboflavin on the Morphogenesis of Adventitious Roots of Eucalyptus ficifolia F.Muell. Grown in vitro (with J.R.Gorst and M.Slaytor) Jour. Expt. Bot. 34: 1503-1515

TC for HORT CROPS (1986) Principles of Plant Tissue Culture In: Tissue Culture as a Plant Production System for Horticultural Crops (Editors: R.H.Zimmerman, R.J.Griesbach, F.A.Hammerschlag, R Martinus Nijhof. Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands: 1 - 13

TREES (1984) Micropropagation Trees and Victoria’s Resources 26(2):21-23

Research Publications

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