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"Commercial Micropropagation CD"

by Ronald A. de Fossard

CD only, 2000, viii + 298 pp + EXCEL file spreadsheets. $89.00 + shipping ($1.50, U.S. or $4.50 Elsewhere)


Chapter 1 Introduction
Cost Analysis - a Series of Partial Processes, Assumptions and Simplications
The Preparation Area
The Inoculation and Incubation Areas
The Amount of Cultures sold Relative to the Amount of Cultures Prepared
How does Cost of Production Calculations aid Decision-Making in a Commercial Micropropagation Laboratory?

Chapter 2 Plant Anatomy, Morphology and Embryology Major Groups in the Plant Kingdom, Cell Division, Mitosis, Meiosis, Ploidy and Genes, Sporophytes and Gametophytes and the Alternation of Generations, The Vegetative Morphology of Angiosperms Variations in Simple Morphology Vegetative Reproduction The Flower Fruits and Seeds The Inflorescence, Function of the Flower: Sexual Reproduction Anatomy of the Vegetative Organs of Flowering Plants, Cell Division, Cell Growth, Cell Differentiation, Simple Tissues, Complex Tissues, Anatomy of Shoots, Organization of Shoot Apex, Stem Anat omy, A natomy of Roots, Organization of Root Apex, Root Anatomy, Leaf Anatomy, Anatomy of Secondarily-Thickened Stems and Roots, Embryology: The Anther and Formation of Male Gametophytes, Pollen Grains, The Ovule and Formation of Female Gametophytes, Embryo Sacs, Fertilization, Embryogeny, Variations in Embryology and Embryogeny, Totipotency, Morphogenesis and Epigenesis

Chapter 3 Microbial Contamination
Techniques to Control Gross Contamination of Cultures of Initial Explants
Barriers to Microbial Contamination, and Treatment of Contaminated Cultures

Chapter 4 Culture Media
Mole, Molarity, Ions, Plant Tissue Culture Media, Preparation of Concentrated Chemical Stock Solution
Examples of Published Culture Media:
White's (1943) Medium, Nitsch's (1951) Medium, Hildebrandt's Sunflower Medium (1962), Hildebrandt's Tobacco Medium (1962), Murashige & Skoog Medium (1962), Blaydes' (1966) Medium, B5-Medium (1968), Nitsch & Nitsch's (1969) Medium Sche nk &am p; Hilderbrandt's (1972) Medium, Woody Plant Medium (1980), DKW Medium (1984), Knop's Minerals, Knudson's Medium C, Heller's Medium, Vacin and Went's Medium, Morel and Muller's Medium, Wimber's Medium, A Few other Points about Stock Solution Preparation, What Effects are Achieved by each Ingredient in the Culture Medium? pH and Undefined Substances in Culture Media pH of Culture Media, Chemically-Undefined Substances, Sterilization of Culture Media, Gelling Agents

Chapter 5 The Broad Spectrum Approach to Media Standardised coding of Broad Spectrum Media, The Tobacco Broad Sprecturm Experiment (1974), The Eucalyptus Broad Spectrum Experiment (1970's), The Broad Spectrum Experiment in the 1980s, Suggested Initial Experiments, Examining Broad Spectrum Experiments, Commercial Micropropagation

Chapter 6 Incubation of Cultures
Support Systems for Culture Vessels, Types of Culture Vessels, Vitrification (now called Hyperhydricity), Hygiene in Incubation Areas, Liquid Culture Media Systems

Chapter 7 Preparation Area and Concentrated Chemical Stock Solutions
Water Purification, Purchase Cost of Chemicals, Cost of Preparing Concentrated Chemical Stock Solutions

Chapter 8 Preparation Area and Sterilized Culture Media
8.1 Overheads:
8.2 Fuel, 8.3 Culture Vessels, 8.4 Labor, 8.5 Concentration Factors of Chemical Stock Solutions Relative to the Cost of Production of Culture Media, 8.6 Calculating the Cost of Production of Steam-Sterilized Culture Media as Affected by Varying some Factors, 8.7 Summary and Some Extrapolations and Other Ideas, 8.7.1 Overheads 8.7.2, Powdered Culture Media 8.7.3, Overheads Again, More Bottles Prepared per Week

Chapter 9 Initiation, Multiplication and Incubation Areas
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Part One 9.2.1 Cost of Sterilized Culture Media Purchased from the Preparation Area, 9.2.2 Cost of Labour and Incidentals per Day per Inoculator in the Inoculation Area, 9.2.3 Num ber of Bottles Inoculated per Person per Day, 9.2.4 Incubation Area Costs, 9.2.5 Cost of Different Periods of Incubation, 9.2.6 Cost of Research and Development (R & D), 9.2.7 Multiplication Rate (MR) and Cost of "Mother" Cultures

9.3 Part Two
9.3.1 Cost of "Mother" Cultures, 9.3.2 Cost of Sterilized Culture Media purchased from the Preparation Area, 9.3.3 Cost of Labour and Incidentals per Day per Inoculator in the Inoculation Area, 9.3.4 Number of Bottles Inoculated per Person per Day, 9.3.5 Incubation Area, Costs 9.4 Effects of Some Variables on Part One and Two Calculations of Production Costs, 9.4.1 Cost of Sterilized Culture Media, 9.4.2 Cost of Inoculation, 9.4.3 Effect of Increasing the Number of "Units" per Bottle, 9.4.4 Effect of Multiplication Rate (MR), 9.4.5 Research & Development (R & D) Effects, 9.4.6 Addition of Cost of Cultures "Lost" in Stages-II and -III, 9.4.7 Addition of Cost of Cultures Produced by Not Sold, 9.5 Concluding Comments

Chapter 10 Deflasking and Acclimatization

10.1 The Cost of Containers and Potting Mix to Grow the Micropropaged Plant, 10.2 The Cost of Nurturing and Growing the Plants, 10.3 The Cost of Cultures, 10.4 The Cost of "Deflasking" Cultures (Transplanting Costs), 10.5 Summary of Costs, 10.6 Effects of Some Variables on Planting Out, 10.7 Discussion

Chapter 11 Developing the Cost-Effective Commercial Laboratory

11.1 Introduction 11.2 Using the Hypothetical Laboratory 11.3 Review of Pertinent Literature 11.4 Research and Development 11.4a Market Research and Laboratory Size 11.4b Technical Research A Nursery Person's View of Micropropagation
Motives for Using Micropropagated Plants
Standard Stock Items
New Introductions
Handling and Growing on of Young Plants
Implications for the Future of Micropropagation

Appendix A: Preparation of Concentrated Chemical Stock Solutions Introduction, Broad Spectrum Concentated Chem ical S tock Solutions Preparation of Stock Solutions Mineral Stock Solutions Auxin Stock Solutions Cytokinin Stock Solutions Growth Factor Stock Solutions

Appendix B: Preparation of Culture Media Culture Media described in this Appendix Organization and Format of the Spreadsheet File used by the Author for the Preparation of Culture Media Medium-1: M Z Z [Z sucrose60m], Medium-4: H IAA10然 kinetin 1然 [G.F., sucrose90mM], Medium-7: [M HFe] NAA0.2然 BAP0.2然 [Z sucrose60mM], Medium-8: H IAA1然 BAP2.5然 [G.F., sucrose90mM], Medium-9: M Z zeatin3然 [riboflavin1然 sucrose60mM], Medium-10: H IAA1然 BAP8然 [G.F., sucrose90mM], Medium-11: H IAA1然 BAP25然 [G.F., sucrose90mM], Medium-14: M Z Z [G.F., sucrose120mM], Medium-43: H Z Z [GF sucrose90mM]

Appendix C: Analysis of Published Culture Media
Table C1 Compounds Frequently used in different culture media (a) Macronutrient Elements, (b) Micronutrient Elements, (c) Micronutrient Elements, (d) Main Carbon So urce, (e) Growth Regulators: Auxins, (f) Growth Regulators: Cytokinins, (g) Growth Regulators: Gibberellins, (h) Growth Factors, (i) Amino Acids Table C2 Template for Translating Different Culture Media

Appendix D Records, Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses of Data, Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses of Data, Analysis of Variance and the Studentized Range Method, Equal Increment Dose Response Experiments, Transformation of Units of Molarity for Computation in Multiple Regression Analysis, The X2 Test, Number of Replicates in Plant Tissue Culture, Work Calculation of the Number of Replicates, Replication in Equal Increment, Dose Response Type Experiments, Calculation of Mean (x), Standard Deviation (s), Standard Error (s.e.) and Coefficient of Variation (c). Transformation of Data

Appendix E Experimentation Introduction, Definition of Objectives of Experiments, Models of Experiments, A Mini Broad Spectrum Experiment, Planning t he Exp eriment, Omission Experiments, Dose Response Experiments

Appendix F Production Projections and Programming
Examples of Production Projections and Programming
Streaming and the Need for Formula Variations in Projections

Appendix G Inventory and Records
Sorted to Get Species in Order of Due Date for Subculture, Updating Inventory, Sorted on Position in the Incubation Area, Records

Appendix H An Iodometric Method for Measuring Available Chlorine
Content of Hypochlorite Solutions, Bibliography

About the Author: Major Publications, Publications in Journals and Books, Index

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