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In this time of limited research and library budgets, a subscription to Agricell Report is the most inexpensive way of keeping abreast of all important developments in the field of plant tissue culture.

Because of its overview of the various sciences that make up plant tissue culture and “plant biotechnology” Agricell Report is able to bring together information from various sources and to suggest new concepts and research approaches. In addition to concise presentations of the most recent information available, from journals, books, trade publications, patents, interviews, meetings and the internet, Agricell Report provides full reference citations and addresses of authors. Agricell Report provides the most complete survey of plant tissue culture research published in the world today.

We invite you to subscribe to our publication. We expect that your savings of time and the expense required to survey the literature and acquire information, will quickly pay for your subscription. If at any time you are not satisfied with Agricell Report, you may cancel your subscription and receive a refund for the remaining issues.

Note: Agricell Report now provides fax numbers and/or e-mail addresses, when available, of all papers cited, so that its readers can easily obtain reprints of articles and further information

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