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"Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Cool Season Grain Legumes"

edited by Marcelino Perez de la Vega, Ana Maria Torres, Jose Ignacio Cubero and Chittaranjan Kole

Hardcover, 2011, 470 pages
Price: $167.95 (Shipping and handling: $8.00 for U.S. delivery, $25.00 elsewhere).


Pea, Diego Rubiales, Michael J. Ambrose, Claire Domoney and Judith Burstin

Faba Bean, Ana M. Torres, Carmen M. Avila, Fred L. Stoddard and Jose I. Cubero

Lentil, Marcelino Pérez de la Vega, Richard M. Fratini and Fred J. Muehlbauer

Grass Pea, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto, Colin David Hanbury, Marijke Van Moorhem, Fernand Lambein, Sergio Ochatt and Diego Rubiales

Chickpea, Josefa Rubio, Juan Gil, Maria José Cobos and Teresa Millán

Functional Genomics. Transcriptomics for Legumes, Background, Tools and Insights, Günter Kahl, Carlos Molina and Peter Winter

Synteny and Comparative Genomics between Model and Cool Season Grain Legumes, Péter Kaló, Hong-Kyu Choi, Noel Ellis and György B. Kiss

Proteomics and Metabolomics for Systems Biology in Legumes, Stefanie Wienkoop

Transgenesis, María Luisa Ruiz and Francisca Vaquero

Nitrogen Fixation in Legumes, José Olivares, María J. Soto, Cesar Arrese-Igor and Juan Sanjuán

Broomrape (Orobanche spp.), Belén Román, José Vicente Die, Salvador Nadal and Clara Isabel González-Verdejo

Future Prospects, José I. Cubero, Ana M. Torres and Marcelino Pérez de la Vega

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